Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Creative Habit

This a great book for an artist that finds herself in a funk, unable to access the creative juices. There are provocative questions and very interesting exercises to dislodge any stuck-ness. Twyla Tharp is a dancer and choreographer but has many approaches in her language to reach each artist no matter what medium their creativity is expressed through...equally good for painters, writers, sculptors, musicians, poets, actors, singers, comedians, photographers, and any creative vehicle style an artist has chosen.

She presents an exercise (among many) to help the artist find their deep rooted, DNA hard wired, implanted creative approach, so artists interested in many mediums can cut to the chase and dig into the medium they can express through with the greatest impact and absorb the greatest nourishment from...soul food.

Review by botz


Enjah said...

Sounds like a great book, thanks Botz!

robyn said...

Did she come to Portland, I vaguely remember her.
We used to dance like she did. I was always a dance guru.

robyn said...

I'm pretty sure I danced with her....kidding
I'm pretty sure I danced better than her...not kidding.

botz said...

yes! robyn, you had some great moves. twyla tharp would have been the perfect teacher for you and the way you already moved your body. maybe you could have been her teacher...who knows!

robyn said...

all I know is I loved dancing and felt so alive when I did. It was my meditation. Obviously it was not my way to make money but I was so full of original dance moves. My spiritual name was a reflection of dance. Narayan is the lord of the dance. Hey so is Flatley now.
The goddess of dance. yea ya all.

botz said...

we call m. flatley "lord of the pants"!

robyn said...

do you mean cuz the audience pants?