Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For the "Super-Sensitive"!

I remember being told, as a child, "OH, don't be Super Sensitive!" This accusation was given in a tone of annoyance. For a long time I thought I was like everyone else, but then someone told me about this book and recommended it to me.
I have an exaggerated startle response. If I hear a sharp, loud, sudden sound, I nearly jump out of my skin, literally jumping and crying out. I feel foolish when it happens, but I cannot control it. Even the toaster does it to me, so I have to go some distance from it when the toast is about to be done.
When I read this book, I recognized myself and my responses to things. There is a test in the beginning to help a person determine if they are in the category of Highly Sensitive. I am, and it has helped me to know that I am part of a minority of human beings. I protect myself from being overstimulated (read, "I do not go to malls if I can help it"), for example.
I recommend this book for anyone who is very sensitive or who has a family member who is sensitive. It helps us all understand the type.

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botz said...

boy, can i relate to this! when you sent me this book, enjah, i took the test and was almost 100% in the HSP realm. i hear noises, like a bird song very far away, and remark about the beautiful melody and usually the person i'm with can't hear without great effort.

i used to think we sisters were so sensitive because of learning from our mother's hyper manic perceptions, almost like super powers.

one of the reasons i am a massage and craniosacral therapist is due to the fact that i need a quiet and sacred environment to work within. writing and artwork is also a nourishing place to be and gives me the internal "room" i so deeply need.

so, learning there is such a "thing" as an HSP was a relief, that there are others like us.