Monday, June 11, 2007


In his book, Eckhart Tolle gives us powerful insights into the immediacy of our need to wake up and be fully conscious before our planet collapses under the strain of our collective carelessness. His writing is presented with profound clarity and verbal dexterity mixed with sweetness and compassion to our human dilemma at this time. He says we are being invited to take a leap in consciousness and experience a collective "flowering" into a new level of existence, experience an evolutionary transformation and it is an invitation by Consciousness Itself.

Tolle identifies the madness of the "voices in our head", what Buddhists call the monkey mind, and how that "voice" can rule our actions and cause great harm if not understood. He has a brilliant grasp of the "pain-body" we carry around individually and collectively and points to ways of creating a gap between reacting from the pain-body when it is triggered or activated, to having mastery over it.

Eckhart Tolle writes we have had several "flowered" humans inhabit our earth as an example of our full potential. This book is a guide to opening our flower.

Review by botz

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