Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Father's Island

"Marie and Heinrich Angermeyer sold their home to purchase the boat on which their five sons escaped from Germany in 1935 and set sail for a life on the Galapagos Islands." (A caption from one of the many photographs in this books, which was published in 1989.)

The author is Joanna Angermeyer, daughter of one of the brothers, so we see the islands from her perspective, when she was a child.

This story is a combination of autobiography and adventure tale, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.


botz said...

did the BBC make a film-for-tv of this story? sounds familiar.

Enjah said...

I have not seen it, and it did not appear on a search for My Father's Island BBC (or video). There is a recording of it being read aloud, but I cannot find anything else.

Anonymous said...

I just heard the author of My Father's Island on BBC Woman's Hour....Sept. 24th 2008.
You can still listen in and make a comment about the book...contact the author. Just Google Woman's Hour - Johanna Angermeyer