Monday, May 5, 2008

Admit One

The Museum of Lost Wonder is an adult's picture book of alchemy. The ticket says ADMIT ONE ... 7 Exhibit Halls - 7 Paper Models - Turn Your 2-D Ideas into 3-D Reality - Leave Your Baggage at the Door - Everything You Need Is Inside!

And it is ... the seven exhibit halls are based on seven alchemical processes:
Calcinatio ...The Hall of Technology
Solution ... The Hall of Aquaria
Coagulatio ... The Zoological Garden
Sublimatio ... The Observatory
Mortificatio ... The Mausoleum of History
Separatio ... The Laboratory of Science and Faith
Conjunctio ...The Gallery to the Arts

and THEN ... and THEN ... AND THEN ...

Circulatio! The Entrance, Exit and Circulation Desk

Each of the halls has a heavy, fold-out, cut and construct 3-D model you can actually put together (if you can bear to cut it out of the book), in full color.

I found this book at the Jung Center and fell in love. I had to put back several other items, and wear blinders on the way out. That bookstore is a honeytrap!

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