Thursday, July 10, 2008

Roughly Speaking

When I saw the movie listing on TCM for this movie I never expected to be so engaged by it. It is a sort of feminist tale of a woman who never gives up, and meets every challenge with courage and a smile. I know that sounds a bit mushy, but it is a fun movie to watch most of the time.

Rosalind Russell charges through the movie, and we half expect her to win at everything, but she doesn't. She just keeps her chin up, no matter what. Her second husband is played (VERY WELL .... omg who knew?) by Jack Carson. I love the scene where they meet at a holiday party. He has on a very unusual hat* (spoiler below if you will never watch this movie or if you don't find movies spoiled by knowing something about them).

*A top hat with a christmas tree on it that features lighted candles

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